Gleaners Food Drives

Hunger Heroes School Challenge

The Plymouth Whalers Hockey Organization teamed up with Gleaners this year to accomplish ONE GOAL!  That's to add more excitement to your school's Hunger Heroes Challenge and raise more awareness and collect more pounds of food than any other year!

Every month Gleaners selects a winning school based upon the number of pounds of food collected per student.  In addition to the rewards and recognition that Gleaners offers, teh Whalers will also be offering a choice of exciting prizes that can be used to support your school's goals such as rewarding specific classrooms or used for school fundraising efforts.

Check our these great Whalers prizes & rewards that your kids, school and families will love:

  • Ticket Vouchers to Any Whalers Game

  • Private Classroom Ice Skating Party

  • Private Suite at Game

  • Classroom Pizza Party with Whalers Tickets

  • Classroom Pizza Party with Drive-in Tickets

To register visit the Gleaners Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan website.